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Coleraine is a town of many distinguishing features, and therefore a popular wedding destination for bridal parties that wish to take advantage of the local sights for their wedding photography. Among the most notable of the attractions is of course the revered Giants Causeway: a geological wonder that attracts over three million visitors a year and makes for a stunning photo alongside our wedding cars. Many brides choose to make the site — one that draws attention world-wide for its spectacular beauty — the backdrop of their wedding photography. Champagne Moments is happy to assist in creating the pictures of a lifetime with the addition of their stunning Bramwith cars.


Coleraine encompasses many locations and attractions that boast unrivalled scenery. An example that shines above them all is of course the Mussenden Temple of Downhill Demesne, built in the 18th century and intended as a summer library. The building —positioned on a cliff that overlooks an award-winning beach — now stands as a monument of exemplary Northern Irish architecture. Champagne Moments has had the pleasure of escorting many a bridal party to this location. Please view our gallery for examples of how Champagne Moments’ cars create the perfect wedding portrait when pictured against the backdrop of the Mussenden Temple and its surrounding scenery. The drive itself is one of unparalleled beauty; passengers can enjoy the views of the Antrim Coast from the comfort of our vintage Bramwith wedding cars.

Not far from the Mussenden Temple stands the cultural wonder of Dunluce Castle: a Medieval ruin that was abandoned in 1641. The castle was once home to an entire village that was eventually destroyed in a fire. The luckless inhabitants of the castle itself choose to leave their cliff-side home as part of it collapsed into the sea below in 1639. Now, the castle is hauntingly beautiful against the backdrop of the sea; a sight many bride and grooms exploit for stunning wedding photography.

Not only is Coleraine abundant in scenery, but in wedding venues too. Couples can choose from several quaint options such as: the Lodge Hotel; the Bushtown Hotel; and the famously picturesque Royal Court Hotel in Portrush. All of these hotels, and many more besides, provide easy access to the beautiful Northern Irish coastline. Champagne Moments can provide you with stylish transport, friendly chauffeurs, and a bespoke service that allows you to arrive in style at your chosen photo location. Please view our gallery for further examples of how our matching wedding cars can complement the natural beauty of Coleraine’s many attractions on your special day.

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